Olivia Holm

Actress. Legendary Makeup Artist. Olivia Holm became part of the Master Mystery Productions family back in September 2018 when she designed and executed the special effects makeup–everything from bruises to facial hair to aging to burn scars–for What Happens at Sundown, our 1960’s Hollywood mystery. Her critically-acclaimed and landmark work on the production earned herContinue reading “Olivia Holm”

Daniel Stallings

Founder. Lead Writer. Director. Producer. Publicist. Actor. Daniel Stallings is the mastermind and driving force behind Master Mystery Productions. He is its founder and owner along with is lead writer, director, producer, and publicist. Under his direction lies most of the decision-making at the company including what shows are produced, where, and when. Over aContinue reading “Daniel Stallings”

Michelle Stallings

Photographer. Graphic Designer. Blogger. Michelle Stallings has been an integral part of Master Mystery Productions since it was founded in 2015. While you’ve never seen her onstage, her work behind the camera and the computer have solidified and propelled the brand into amazing heights of artistry and recognition. Her photographs have become some of theContinue reading “Michelle Stallings”

Margit Stallings

Legendary Costume Designer. Set Dresser. Margit Stallings has been a part of Master Mystery Productions since its inception in 2015, but her work with the company began before that when she originated the role of Scarlet O’Halloran in the very first Master Mystery Production, Murder at the Red Fez, in March 2013 for the RedContinue reading “Margit Stallings”

Devanne Fredette

Actress Extraordinaire. Writer. Multimedia Artist. Devanne Fredette joined Master Mystery Productions for her first production as Phoebe Walliscroft in The Last Garden Party, performed in July 2016. It was her first major role in a major production, which has since blossomed into a storied theatrical career filled with well-deserved accolades and honors. Her journey throughContinue reading “Devanne Fredette”

Monica Dwyer

Award-winning Actress. Writer. Director. Monica Dwyer first joined Master Mystery Productions back in 2016 when she performed as Lady Elizabeth Margaret Anne Prudence Temperance Charity Bradfordshire-Pierce in The Last Garden Party, where she was billed as Monica Lorenz. Little did we know that that first show would be the start of a magical and laudedContinue reading “Monica Dwyer”

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